When All Else Fails, Go Shopping

Monday I felt like a train wreck.

Everything was bothering me, I felt off, tired and with little energy. I thought about doing a P90X cardio DVD but by the time I planted myself on the couch it seemed like a far fetched idea. I didn’t have much appetite either. Overall, I just felt “meh.” So I did what anyone with a bad case of the Mondays would do… went shopping!


Houndstooth Flats – $10 @ TJMaxx


Hind Zip Up Workout Jacket – $12.99 @ TJMaxx

(What a steal!)

When I got home I was also giddy to see my ZOYA nail polish arrived in the mail. They had a special over New Year’s where you could get any three regular (non-seasonal) colors for free. I only had to pay $10 for shipping. Another steal!


I have never tried ZOYA but have heard great recommendations for it. ZOYA is touted as a long-wearing, natural nail polish. So with that I had a night in to myself with some pampering.


As an update, my hand/wrist has improved although I’m still a bit concerned/baffled by what happened. I’ve been staying away from yoga and spin class (which is what I did the night the pain started).

Lulu is now on a salmon-based, grain-free diet to see if the change will help us identify if she has a food allergy. We have some antihistamines for her which we are trying to use sparingly, to help her scratch less, and we added fish oil to her diet to try and help with her dry skin.


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