We’re Falling Apart

Lulu has some kind of dry skin/allergy issue going on.

She’s been scratching like mad and pulling her fur out. Now she has a hot spot on her back end. I feel for her so much! I just want her to be healthy and without distress. I noticed her dry skin ever since we first got her in November. It’s hard for me to know whether it’s due to winter (we all get dry skin don’t we?) or something more, but she is obviously not well and it’s gotten worse in the past week.

We are hoping to get a vet appointment ASAP, but I really hope they do something this time. This will be the 4th time we’ve had her in since we got her. More issues keep coming up and I’m left wondering — why didn’t they catch this? One negative to adopting an animal is having little to no history on the pet. So in essence we are starting from square one on her medical history.


In the meantime I’m trying to keep her distracted with peanut butter laden chew toys and lots of exercise. I also put some ground oatmeal on her. I read it was a natural way to deter skin itching but I know it’s only temporary until we find a better solution.

I on the other hand can barely type. I have some bizarre cramping in my right hand. The pain comes and goes depending on positioning, but the computer is not helping much. I noticed it today when I tried to do a plank and my right hand basically completely gave out. What in the world? I have never had this happen before and was fine practicing yoga on Saturday. I almost feel like it might be a pinched nerve.

I hope we both get better.


    • Holly says

      Hadn’t thought about the PB until you wrote this. The vet advised a salmon, grain-free diet. As a result we cannot give her anything but her food and some oil supplements. If this helps figure things out then we can reintroduce foods like the PB and see if they cause her problems. We also did the oatmeal soak on Thursday and it seemed to help her!

  1. says

    Try getting some good fats in her. Peanut butter is good, which you’re doing, but also coconut oil or adding vit. E caps into her treats. That will help the dry skin from the inside.

    As for you, do you think it could be a carpal tunnel issue? A brace worn overnight might help if so. In any case, I hope you both get to feeling better soon!

    • Holly says

      As soon as we noticed something was amiss with the amount of scratching I got her on some fish oil tablets. We tried olive oil too but it made a mess of her ‘beard’. The oils you mention are good ideas too. I hope I don’t have carpal tunnel. Taking it easy and trying to give my mouse hand more breaks. That would not be a good thing to have for a writer.

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