The Best of Intentions

I went out for a run Wednesday night with the best of intentions. At least 4 miles, hopefully 6. About 8 minutes into the run I had already had it. I just felt out of shape, like my legs were dead weight and plain awful. The weather was beautiful though so I tried to stick it out a bit, hoping it would get easier. It didn’t.

Run: 2 miles, 29:33 (mostly walking)

Followed Later By: 30-minutes hatha yoga, DVD

During the second half of the run I came up with an idea for Friday’s dinner — gnocchi. I saw this recipe earlier in the week on Kristin’s blog and was instantly intrigued. In lieu of burning more calories on the pavement, I would burn them in the kitchen instead. And it wouldn’t hurt to sip a bit of that fresh hot apple cider as well!

If you are like me and have never heard of gnocchi prior to reading blogs, basically it’s a dough recipe that includes white potatoes, sweet potatoes or even pumpkin. Or according to it is “a dish of little dumplings made from potatoes, semolina, flour, or a combination of these ingredients.”

I did not grow up Italian so this is all new to me! I had just purchased some sweet potatoes on sale earlier this week, so that’s what I used, along with whole wheat flour.

Considering I have no children, no pets and was not running — I had nothing better to do with all my time. ;) Although in all reality it actually didn’t take that long to make the dough and prep it. I then froze the gnocchi for use later. Here’s another version of gnocchi which uses butternut squash, made by Jenna.

So now go gnocchi! (I decided I just like saying and typing the word.) :)


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    Your gnocchi look great! I took a dumpling cooking class at Paganini and made them there but I AM Italian and have never made them at home. I love the sweet potato/squash flavors. I sometimes make pork roast and serve these instead of potatoes.

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