Screaming to Relieve Stress

So things have been a little hairy over here.

Do you have weeks that go really smooth and then suddenly one that explodes in your face? Yep. That’s me. It started going downhill Monday and continued to plummet throughout the day Wednesday. So I’m not really sure what got me to this point but I decided on Wednesday I would scream inside my vehicle.

You heard me.

The odd thing is this is not the first time I’ve done this. I was immediately brought back to a day in high school where I first decided to scream. I truly do not remember the circumstances as to why I was so upset, but I remember coming home from work one day to an empty house. Being nobody was home I decided to take advantage in the garage. I screamed. Several times.

It felt so good.

So here I am 10 years later screaming in my car. And you know what? It felt good again. And Arnold would agree.

My screaming did not erase the downhill spiral that has been the last three days. And I might have bruised a vocal chord in the process. But given the chance, I wouldn’t take it back

Oddly, screaming to relieve stress is therapeutic. In fact, I read about several colleges and universities that openly support student screaming as a way to relieve stress during the final exams period.

So make me feel normal here. I’m not the only person who has one this…. right?


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