I’m Ready to Rev My Metabolism, Are You?

I’ve been thinking about my metabolism again. I first wrote about thoughts on how to rev my metabolism close to two years ago, and I will say not much has changed. I’m still hungry, I still work a desk job and I still feel like I should be doing more. It’s easy to fall into patterns and habits that are not always healthy. For the most part I’ve been eating the right foods, I just haven’t been moving quite enough. Working out for an hour in the evening just doesn’t seem to cut it.

I’ve been thinking more about staying active naturally and more frequently. In addition to my scheduled workouts I want to make it a habit to walk Lulu more. This winter has been terrible, and there are some days I really cannot walk her for both her safety and mine. But on the less-frigid days it has been tempting to not go out there at all.

I have made a conscious decision to stop that. Our daily walk needs to be a habit, despite what mother nature throws at us. Yesterday the roads were a bit more clear so I was able to pick up the pace. We covered 1.5 miles in 30 minutes. Not bad. Doing household chores needs to become a daily habit too. It’s a great way to move more on a daily basis.

I need to get up and move more. Every 30 minutes. Every hour. None of this sitting for two hours and realizing I’ve been a statue and haven’t moved. When it warms up this spring I want to take more bicycle rides, dig out my roller blades (I think I still have them?) and have fun. Maybe I’ll take walking dates with friends over coffee. Anything. Everything counts.

I’m eager to see how these conscious changes will impact my health. Studies indicate a number of factors contribute to your metabolism (essentially how quickly your body burns energy), including muscle mass and frequent activity. I also read that drinking green tea daily can help rev my metabolism. I’m already an avid tea drinker so I will happily keep that up.

Green Tea: Will You Rev My Metabolism?

green tea rev metabolism

Another lifestyle change I’d like to make is always going into an eatery or coffee shop in person, instead of using the drive through. My husband did this recently at Rally’s. He said the cashier asked him why he didn’t use the drive through to take his food “to go.” He said why not. And really… why not?

What are your metabolism revving tips? Have you noticed yours slowing down?


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    I love green tea and all these tips! I add a spoonful of organic coconut oil to my tea every morning, I find it helps keep me full longer.


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    Great tips! I need to move more too. Working a desk job makes that hard during the day, but I do try to get up when I can… and I also need to start drinking green tea more! I love green tea, so it won’t be hard :)

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    I also have a desk job and have trouble incorporating activity into my day. I drink green tea and use a program called workrave to remind me to stand up for 5 minutes every hour or so.

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    Funny you should mention speeding up your metabolism! That is something that has been on my mind a lot lately and I really like some of the suggestions you made. I retired from many years of office work a couple of years ago and had every intention of getting more exercise and doing more for myself. I’ve made some changes but not enough. Thanks for the pokes in the right direction.

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    Hello Holly, My name is Karen. I have just began writing an art, food, and lifestyle blog for Midcoast Maine. I am in your group for the SITS Spring Fling. I am also a metalsmith, making copper, silver, and brass jewelry.
    I am enjoying your blog, just the encouragement I need to think about health.
    Thanks so much, Karen

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    These are great tips! It seems so obvious, but getting reminders to move a little more and drink more water are really helpful. Thank goodness green tea is healthy!

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