Moving from Blogger to WordPress

For the Record — Thursday’s Workout:
40 minutes Upper Body/Abs

In lieu of my non-running this week, and the unbearable heat, I am opting for another topical post.

Let’s talk about Blogger and WordPress.

I’d like to highlight a few features I am liking about WordPress. While I’ve only been using WordPress now for a little more than two weeks, already I feel at home. I had previously used Blogger for about 15 months before switching over.

Perhaps you have also made the switch and can learn from what I have. Or maybe you are contemplating the switch, or in the midst of it yourself. In any case, I hope this can provide some insight — blogger to blogger.

Comment Reply Notification. This by far has become my favorite feature. In fact it’s almost addicting, and I have to watch myself. When I used Blogger there was no way to directly respond to a reader question or comment. With this “plugin” on WordPress I can not only reply directly on the blog to comment, so other readers can see the reply, but it will also email the reply to the commentor. I know we can all admit we don’t always return to a blog post a second time to see if our question was answered.

Cleaner Appearance. Design-wise I have simply found WordPress to be cleaner and more appealing. Polished, if you will. Despite by best efforts to tweak my Blogger design, I never could quite achieve what I wanted. While I’m still not 100% satisfied with the current design on my blog, it’s by far an improvement in my mind.

Flexibility. Again, along with the design, WordPress allows greater flexibility. You can use what widgets you want, what plugin features you want. You have more control over your blog, if you will. For example on Blogger there was a limit, of 10 I believe, pages or headings for your blog. Now on WordPress there is no limit. I can create as many as I like. Of course, this flexibility comes with a price. While WordPress software is free to use on your website, in order to use it in this “full control” capacity you need to self-host your website. In short, you pay a few bucks a month to “own” your web space.

If you are interested, I’ll continue to share bit by bit why I made the switch and what has been working for me on WordPress. I know a lot of other bloggers have been switching or thinking about it, so I would call it a “hot topic” right now. More so, I think the whole Blogger outage of 2011 helped fuel the itch to switch.


Do you have any WordPress questions?
Questions on moving from Blogger to WordPress?

(Please leave them in a comment and I’ll answer them in a follow-up post.)


  1. says

    I need to get my comment reply notification going… thanks for the reminder.

    You look so fit in that photo! Lookin’ good!

  2. says

    I’m in the process of setting up my wordpress blog and am excited to move over, I already love the design so much better. Love your new look too! So clean!

  3. says

    HI Holly. Thanks for your comment this morning. I’m still getting used to wordpress as you saw. I’m not sure why you have not come to the point of having to use html yet. I’ve had to do this several times. Last night was simply a situation where I copied and pasted text into my post and tried to double space…it showed as double spacing on my post but when I viewed it, it would only show single spacing. After a long time of googling, reading forums, etc. I got an html code that I was able to include for double spacing. Not sure why it needed to be that hard…maybe it was just me but from what I was reading, many many other people had similar issues. Also, in order to change the font, I’m thinking i Need to change the theme? or buy fonts? still figuring this one out. I agree that wordpress is more professional and clean though…We shall see. Good luck to you.. your blog looks great. And what exactly is the RSS feed button for? And how do you know how many people are “folowing you” for lack of a better term (if they don’t subscribe through e-mail?

  4. says

    Thank you! I have been contemplating moving to the self-hosting. Did you do that? If not, are you considering it? I will be checking back for your follow-up post. Thanks for this comparison – I find it really helpful!

  5. says

    i have a lot of problems wiht blogger that are mostly related to it being unstable, can’t always connect, etc. When i’m reading blogs, sometimes the blogger ones will error and the wordpress do better. i might switch sometime soon myself…

    • Holly says

      Interesting Lisa. I have had issues commenting via Blogger too. Sometimes I have to click several times for a comment to go through.

      Stay tuned for a follow-up post on Blogger vs WordPress this week!

  6. says

    It seems like a lot of bloggers are switching over to WordPress. Since I’ve only had my blog for less than a year, I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to make the switch. I’m still thinking about it.

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