Monthly Training Update: December

I’ve been wanting to post all week but haven’t had the attention span to do a topical post.

But on the other hand I felt like I was due for  general update on the “current state of affairs.” Like many of you, I’ve been anxiously preparing for Christmas. I still have some last-minute shopping to do, which I hope to accomplish this week.

It’s been especially hairy as last week I was gone on business travel and this week we’ve been taking Lulu to doggy obedience school every day, which means carpooling and adjusting my schedule so that I’m getting up even earlier! So far she has been doing really well and we are excited to continue to see how she advances with the trainer and with us at home. We’ve had her for just over a month now and it’s already amazing to see how much progress we have made.

I haven’t been running… like at all. I did drag myself to yoga class Tuesday night. It was a slow flow class that seemed right on par for how I was feeling. I’ve been really unmotivated in the workout area lately. Like complete slug. It’s weird because last November I was hardcore, running when it was really cold out and loving it. This year, not so much. I am hoping 2013 will be a fresh start in many ways, including my running.

Unfortunately, with my lack of workouts lately my diet has been suffering too. I want to get back on track but it seems like the motivation is not strong enough. I have no races I’m training for right now and I’m not overweight to a point of feeling uncomfortable. I realize I should just be motivated to be healthy and strong but it just seems like other things have been taking priority lately.

The husband said we need to get back on track after the New Year. I would like to get back on track… period! It’s amazing how when you step back and look at it, working out does take time. I realize when I don’t work out how much time I have for other things but really in the end… what is your health worth? It should be worth the time.

On top of all of that I’ll be baking cookies and the Original Chex Mix this weekend.

Do you have any holiday baking traditions? Chex Mix going strong for like 10 years here. :)


  1. says

    I just took my first yoga class last night (I bought 10 day for $10 pass to try it out). I’m excited to learn more about that. After the holidays I’m going to try waking up early to workout at the gym before work. This has not gone well in the past so we’ll see.

    We LOVE homemade Chex Mix in my family. My mom always makes a ton for our Christmas After Christmas party and pretty much any party she hosts.

    I always make Chocolate Crackles, Chewy Ginger Cookies and Butter Spritz Cookies. Everything else I change up from year to year. This year I’ve been put on permanent Cinnamon Roll duty now that I started making those too.

    Cookie Recipes:

    Cinnamon Roll Recipe:

    • Holly says

      Good for you on the yoga! On the Chex Mix I actually like to do 1.5 times the seasoning mixture. I find I like it with more flavor.

  2. says

    Working out does take time but is what you are doing instead really that important? You might have a more hectic work schedule than me but when I’m working out, the other options are sleeping or tooling around on the computer. And, after making it through the newborn stage, sleep beyond 6 hours is negligible. If you really want working out to be a priority, then you’ll make it one.

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