Highlights of the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon

After I posted earlier this week, I became adamant about taking my daily multivitamin again.

I don’t know if the vitamin is really working, if it’s a placebo, or mind games — but I am feeling so much better already! I ran 4 miles Tuesday and 3 miles Wednesday. My only setback was accidentally slamming my left knee cap into my desk Wednesday. I hope it will be OK during Saturday’s 10-miler.

With my running mojo making a return, I’m feeling even more excited about running the Rite Aid Cleveland Half-Marathon in less than a month. In conjunction with the event staff, I compiled some top reasons for runners and spectators to look forward to this big event.

Highlights of the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon (Half-Marathon, 10K and 5K)

Large Scale Race. With an estimated 20,000 folks at this year’s race festivities, people-watching will be an event in itself. I love distracting myself during a race by seeing signs people have painted, crazy race outfits and cheer sections.


Seeing Cleveland. There’s no tour like one through the streets of Cleveland on foot! And for runners on the course through Tremont and Ohio city — from what I’m told these areas are usually extra full of spectators!

Crowd Support. Get some support from a group of canines up for adoption from the Cleveland Animal Protective League — also near the Tremont area of the course. There will also be special cheer section in the Playhouse Square area.

Course Entertainment. In total along the full marathon course there will be close to 30 entertainment stations, including 19 acts and half a dozen DJs. Why bring a mp3 player when the best of Cleveland entertainment will be right there?


Running Celebrities. American marathon running legend Joan Benoit Samuelson will be a part of this year’s race weekend festivities — including a public appearance at the Saturday expo.


What am I missing? What’s the best part about running Cleveland?

*Read my 2012 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Blogger disclosure here.


    • Holly says

      Good question Faith. Right now I have generic “womens” multivitamin from the grocery. I always picks the one for women because I think there is more calcium, etc. that women need. Previously I had Nature Made brand which is all natural. I liked those a lot but they are more $$.

  1. says

    My favorite part is running through the westside. I love the westside (I grew up on the eastside so it is practically a sign to make the swtich over but i did it. Such a rebel). THe westside always has the best crowd support.

  2. cjnrun says

    Looking forward to running the 1/2. Hoping for good weather and all the excitement that comes with big races like this. We did the Columbus full marathon last October and it was a super good time for a first timer. I really know nothing much about the Cleveland area. So bring on, lets have some fun and run!!

    • Holly says

      I hope the weather is great too. Unless the winds are strong from the lake, the timing with the race being in May should be perfect racing weather. Good luck on the rest of your training and thanks for the comment!

  3. says

    I really like this race. I had heard bad things about the CLE half but did not experience any of them when I ran. I am looking forward to running it again this year. I really like running up near tremont. Some of the bars were open and people were hanging out cheering with their beers. I actually like running the bridges too! Amazingly.

  4. says

    This was fun to read and get me excited for the event! Now we just need good weather (some of that Cleve. overcast sky would be nice!).

    I love Joan, and am actually taking her on a six-mile run this morning in my town–she’s here to run a 1/2 tomorrow!

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