Fresh Fork Summer CSA Share: Week 3 & 4

This is a quick blast of what we’ve received over the past two weeks.

Finally the greens and lettuce slowed down a bit and we’re receiving more of a variety. Our first fruit – fresh raspberries and peaches – arrived with this week’s share! Again we are receiving a variety of meats as well, most of which I have frozen. We’ve just been too busy trying to eat all the vegetables up first.

I have not tried last week’s spelt berries, yet, but hope to bake a pudding of sorts that was provided as a sample recipe with our Fresh Fork share. In all there has been more than enough to eat for two people each week. I’ve been very pleased with the program so far.

Week 3
1 package boneless loin chop ( 2 per pack)
2 lbs spelt berries –> never had before!
1 bunch spinach –> green smoothies
1 head white stem bok choy
1 dozen eggs –> brown eggs, nice!
1 head baby bok choy
1 bunch beets with tops –> not my favorite :-/
1 lb snow peas –> ate with some tossed pasta
1 head chinese napa cabbage
2 zucchini –> zucchini bread
3 yellow squash –> still in the fridge

Week 4
1 quart of yogurt
1 pt of black raspberries
Assorted tree fruit –> yum!
1 package Italian Sausage links, 1.25 lbs –> will freeze
2 ct zucchini –> more zucchini bread?
1 bunch radishes –> :-/
1 head green leaf lettuce
1 bunch kale –> kale smoothie?
1 head kohlrabi
1 jar homemade sauce –> salads, dressing?
2 red onions


What summer produce do you most look forward to? (For me it’s fresh berries, sweet corn and tomatoes!)

***Each week this summer I’m blogging about our Fresh Fork Summer Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Share. Read about shares from weeks past here.


  1. says

    So funny–I am always happy when the infusion of kale and other greens slows a bit too with my CSA! You have a great collection of stuff this week! My favorite has always got to be tomatoes. Nothing says summer like a good tomato!

  2. says

    This week’s really rocked! Black raspberries are super hard to find and are my favorite. The peaches are SO good! Are you doing the large CSA or the small with add ons? And I LOVE beets so I’ll take them off your hands if needed : )

    • Holly says

      We had a mixup where we went to pick up our CSA on week 3 and no one was there! I think they added an extra or two as compensation. Ours is the small CSA. As for the beets I gave them to my aunt yesterday! LOL

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