Feeling Like a Runner Again

After the rain cleared, Wednesday was a gorgeous day in Cleveland.

I don’t know what the official high was but it was projected around 60-degrees and it sure felt like it. The sun was shining, the wind was calm and I had to get out there and run. This struggling winter runner was out there in capris and a T-shirt!

Mile 1 – 12:01
Mile 2 – 11:54
Mile 3 – 11:26
Mile 4 – 11:51
0.65 Mile – 17:52 (walking cool down)

After much dismay with winter weather running during this training cycle, I’ve now already had more outdoor runs this week than I have had all winter. I am finally starting to feel like a runner again! I wasn’t dreading the mileage. I wasn’t obsessed with my pace. I just went out there for the sake of feeling good and wanting to run.

At one point I debated going for 6-miles. It sounded impressive but as I reached 4-miles I realized my body was saying it was time to cool down. I definitely felt this one in my legs. Generally running outside takes harder different toll on the body than treadmill running, and I could feel it.

This run was great for my self-esteem, proving that yogi that took over my body this winter is still a runner underneath. And more so, this run helped pump me up for the 2012 racing season and the upcoming Rite Aid Cleveland Half-Marathon.


 I played it smart. I’m feeling good today and ready to tackle the next run.

*Read my 2012 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Blogger disclosure here.


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    We have such a similar pace! And I feel ya on the weather, every time it gets warm it makes it harder to run outside when its cold again. You’ll be more than ready for Cleveland with runs like this. Good job!

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