CLE Half Training Update: Unexpected Running Hiatus

I haven’t run in 12 days.

Pretty much my training has taken a hit recently due to being under the weather – nothing blog worthy – but important to note as to why I have not been running. What I have done for my training, was two weeks ago I tore it up hitting every scheduled workout, and loving on the warm spell we had. As of late I’ve been going on walks, using the elliptical and practicing light yoga at home. I hope to back to feeling like myself very soon and back into more rigorous workouts.

What’s coming up next?

I’d like to take a vinyasa flow yoga class Friday, followed by a long run of 8 miles on Saturday with the husband. Then on Sunday I plan to take a yoga class of my choice at the grand opening of the Nishkama Yoga location in North Olmsted, their second Cleveland-area location. I’m excited about all three workouts as they will each provide my body unique challenges. As far as my training plan for the next 8 weeks, I’m still sticking to my three-day a week running plan, with my weekly long run being most vital to complete.

I’m still eager to run the Rite Aid Cleveland Half-Marathon although as I near May and realize I’ve had a number of missed workouts, I am not sure how I’ll fare in the PR realm. A PR would be great and I know I can run faster than 2:33, but I’m not positive I’ll be ready for that in less than two months. If my half-marathon PR doesn’t happen this May I’m hoping to tackle another half in the fall. Amongst runners in the Midwest, the spring and fall are usually choice seasons for obtaining a PR because of the gentler temperatures.

This will be my biggest half-marathon race to date (close to 20,000 runners expected!), likely the most scenic course and I am honored to be part of an encouraging group of running bloggers for this event. We also have family coming to stay with us that weekend, who will run and spectate the event as well.

Have you seen the list of expo booth participants for this year’s race? Impressive! Registration is still open through May 19 – unless spots sell out. Not wanting to run this race? Race organizers are also looking for volunteers to be a part of the “Cleveland Experience.”


Do you plan to push for a PR in the spring or fall this year?

*Read my 2012 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Blogger disclosure here.


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    I was going to push for a PR this weekend until I was sidelined with an injury. Such is the life of a runner. But I know that running will always be there, and there are plenty of races this summer. Best of luck to you! Hope you are feeling better!

  2. says

    Holly – hope you are feeling better soon!

    If you want another yoga class to add to the mix I’ll be teaching a yoga class in Vermilion this weekend at 10:00 AM on Saturday at the Vermilion School Board offices. Details can be found on my website.

    I’m putting together the schedule now for summer beach yoga, so hopefully you can add that into your training schedule for the summer!

  3. says

    Hope your body gets what it needs out of these next three scheduled workouts…and that it gets you put back on your three-a-week running schedule!

    My race next month is an automatic PR because it’s my first, but I am really pushing hard to hit the goal I mentally set for myself.

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    I hope you feel better soon! I can relate, I have been fighting a chest cold for over a week. You might be surprised though, even with some missed runs, sometimes some rest can get you the PR you’re looking for. I am hoping to PR my marathon on the 22nd. Shouldn’t be to hard since my first marathon was ridiculously slow (a girl I ran with took like 5 restroom breaks!), so I am hoping to shave off some time.

  5. says

    Sorry you’ve had to lay off, but you still have time to make it up. I am running that 1/2 and do hope to PR there! I would love to meet up with you and lots of the other Cleveland area bloggers I follow!

    • Holly says

      Another blogger up here, Poise in Parma, was looking into planning a gathering with the CLE bloggers and any other non-CLE bloggers visiting that weekend to run. Whenever I hear details I’ll let you know!!

  6. says

    sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well… seems like quite a few of us have hit a bumpy area in training. Hopefully we will all be back at it in full force soon! luckily we have time :) take care of yourself!

  7. Alicia from Poise in Parma says

    I am excited for you to check out the new Nishkama space on Sunday! It’s amazing to see it come together, especially the last week!

  8. says

    It’s always a weird feeling when you can’t run. It’s like…what did I do with myself BEFORE I ran? But usually, it’s helpful in the end. Your body can always use a break like that. I hope you are feeling better! I think the best thing is, don’t have unrealistic expectations and trust your training. YOu got it!

  9. says

    Sorry to hear the weather is interfering with training! I’m hoping for a new PR – goal is a sub-2 half before this summer. My current PR is 2:06ish from the Philadelphia half marathon in November.

  10. says

    Hi there! I just found your blog today and I love it! I’m a pretty new runner. Did c25k for the first time last year and my first 5k. Got really sick this winter and lost all of my running progress and I’m currently doing c25k again! My brother lives in Cleveland.

    • Holly says

      Hi Trinity! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Glad you found me and thanks for the kind words. Best wishes with your C25K!

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