CLE Half Training Update: Home Stretch

I had hoped to end my last two weeks of half-marathon training with a bang.

Instead this training cycle sounds like the same disaster it’s been for the last four months: skipped workouts, sub-par runs and a lack of energy and motivation.

I’m still very much excited to run the Rite Aid Cleveland Half-Marathon next Sunday, don’t get me wrong. It’s just been a slow realization, for me that a PR is unlikely and trying to overcome my (unreasonable) fears of coming in last place. Maybe this is a “slower” runner fear, but I’m always sizing up the competition. I know I won’t come out on top, but heaven forbid, not the bottom!

A view from the start (source)

I was traveling all last week for business and didn’t hit many of my workouts. My diet and sleep patterns were also off-kilter. I came back Saturday and set out for my last long run of this training cycle (10 miles) and I only made it about 4 miles. Pathetic.

I really beat myself up over it. My energy levels were low and my mental game was not there. I also had some tightness in my chest and have been dealing with allergy problems. The weather was beautiful, so for once, I couldn’t blame Mother Nature.

After wallowing in my sorrows for about a day, I realized this is not the end of the world. I’m still sticking to my plan of running and enjoying the race. This race will be different than my training runs. No matter how much I try to recreate the energy and excitement of a half-marathon during a training run — I can’t.

So I go into this week hoping to crank out some shorter runs and some strength-training (much needed). I also have rest days set for Friday and Saturday. Considering my recent spell, those should be easy! I also am reminding myself that before my last half-marathon I got sick and didn’t run for 10 days straight, missing out on the last few training runs. I was terrified of how I would do. I ended up finishing with a PR and a sense of achievement.

In the end, I’m pretty tough once I’m on the race course. I stick it out. And I will again.

Let’s see what Cleveland will bring on Sunday.

*Read my 2012 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Blogger disclosure here.


  1. says

    That’s totally a slower runner fear, and I spent a lot of my last race looking back just to make sure there was someone – ANYONE – behind me. Turns out the worries were useless. The ones you’re feeling now are totally normal – I beat myself up on Saturday for struggling through four miles of what should have been a 5+ run, but you know what? We’re still here today, nobody has stripped us of our “runner’s card”, and there are plenty of races in the future to get our mojo back for. Don’t listen to the nerves…this weekend’s half is going to go well!

  2. says

    You sound like me! When even a run goes bad, I am really hard of myself and use pretty much the exact same wording as you have here. I am going to take you attitude and remind myself that enjoying the race is the main objective here. Its Cleveland! And you know what, maybe the race adrenaline will send you running faster than you think!

  3. says

    we’ve all had bumps in the road…mine was a 3 week no running bump. Don’t beat yourself up over it, things happen. Have a great time, that’s the important part!!!

    • Holly says

      I was joking with Christian earlier in the week it was the 2012 CLE bloggers curse. I hope we all come out on top Sunday!!

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