CLE Half Training Update: Dead of Winter

Where did January go?

I was actually somewhat shocked when I realized January was almost over and that I should probably recap how my training for the Rite Aid Cleveland Half-Marathon has been going.

I feel reluctant even qualifying January as the “kick-off” month to my half-marathon training. Between being sluggish, belaboring over the 4 pounds I gained (now apparently 6) and being sick as of late, I didn’t see much progress this month. I’ve also struggled with finding a new groove in my training plan in between personal commitments and trying to attend yoga classes that interest me.

Overall I covered 23 miles.

That was not in one week. You read that right. For the entire month!

Of course I was also yoga-ing in there and managed to do a few cross-training workouts like using the elliptical and attending kickboxing class. But I’m my own worst critic and I see a lot of room for improvement. Here’s what is now tentatively on tap for the next month or so:

Click Image to Enlarge

Needless to say, I hope February bodes well for my training plan. I did garner a bit of inspiration from some of the other Cleveland Marathon Bloggers last week during an informal dinner meet-up last week. At first I felt a bit intimidated how intense some of their training runs and weekly mileage bases already are.

But as we discussed how we are all on an equal playing field as runners – encouraging each other on our journeys, no matter how fast or slow each step is, I walked away feeling inspired more than anything. Pile that on top of some Facebook friends who have been posting about how they have really been tearing up the pavement, and I’m yearning to get out there again myself!

I also decided to bust down and finally buy some running gear I need. Remember my running jacket post? I finally took the plunge and purchased the Brooks Essential Run Jacket in pink last night.

Anticipating spring showers, I bought the Nike Feather Light Cap — also in pink!

The problem wasn’t knowing what I wanted to buy, it became forcing myself to open my wallet and shell out some dough. I am thrifty at heart! I think it was a good thing I waited until end of January. I got both items for less than $50 total from RunningWarehouse. I’m hoping my new gear will help put that extra spring in my step as I hit the pavement in February!

Still considering running CLE? Register today.


How you do YOU garner training inspiration in the dead of winter?

*Read my 2012 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Blogger disclosure here.


  1. says

    You are ahead of the game, I know halfers that haven’t started training yet. and the yoga is huge also on top of what you were running. keep moving forward, don’t look back!

    also… for future ref. If you don’t know already, the RW additional 15% off code is fb15d (works on almost everything including clearance)

  2. says

    Your new jacket is awesome – love the color!
    Wish I had more concrete tips on staying inspired this winter – I usually just turn to blogs and magazines that are geared towards athletes (like runner’s world) to put my mind in the training mindset. Then again, that might explain why I’ve only had a few runs this month (although in my defense, I’ve been milking a yoga deal…)

  3. says

    I bought that Brooks jacket when it got cold, worth every penny! As far as mustering inspiration in the winter, its really hard, so I just have to remind myself how much I wanted this when I signed up. Luckily, it hasn’t been to terrible of a winter…. yet!

  4. Renee says

    I am entered to run the 1/2, my first ever! I am transplanted to the area as I am a military spouse and our last duty station was Okinawa! I lost 30 lbs and started running last year in 5k’s and thought this year I would challenge myself with a new goal of the 1/2. I’m finding the weather de-motivating, even though I ran in several cold weather races…recently I find it harder and cant seem to get out there and get mileage under my belt. I try to run 3x a week, 3-5 miles each run, haven’t done any cross training yet… Im 42 and a Mom of 3 girls: 16, 11 & 2, all with varying schedules but I’m lucky to be a stay at home mom… I have a jogging stroller but yuck when theres cold, wind, snow. I’m just not hard core into running but want to do this… So needless to say, i need to get my butt on the treadmill now, no excuses there…it’s down in the basement. my point is, I understand where your coming from, and many programs don’t even start training for the half until 12 weeks out, so in the meantime, just run when you can…the 12 week deadline to REALLY start traing will be here before you know it! Good luck on your training plan for February!

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