2013 Race Schedule (Tentative)

As part of my running plans in 2013, I don’t want to overwhelm myself.

Right now I am eyeballing a few tentative races close to home. I want to really see where my passion for running goes this year. I am hoping for it to slowly build and by late spring be in full force.

I learned last year that training for a spring half didn’t sit well with me. I much rather train in the late summer and early fall (for a fall half) when it’s warmer, than to train in the winter (for a spring half).

Also, I’ve come to realize that a lot of the bigger races in the Cleveland area are on Sundays. This doesn’t jive the best for me so I’ve tried to find a few races that fit my preference for Saturday.

Here’s my tentative schedule for 2013:

March: St. Malachi 5-Miler (one of my favorite races in 2012)

April: Cleveland 10-Miler (also loved running this one)

May: Birthday 5K (TBD)

June: Kelleys Island 10K (maybe?)

July: Bay Days 5-Miler (retribution needed here…)

August: Back Roads and Beaches 10K (sounds fun) or North Ridgeville Lions Club 10K

September: Fall 5K (TBD)

October: Rock N’ Roll Cleveland Half-Marathon (New to CLE!)





I know it will be easy to add in a few 5Ks or 4-Milers as the season shapes up and more race dates are set, but at least now I have a few larger races in mind to keep me on track. Also our schedule may change if we travel and depending to where! November and December are really unpredictable for me being I don’t like really cold weather running so I’ll probably wait and see how it goes.


    • Holly says

      Yes, it sounds like a good fit. I’ve heard mixed reviews on the R n R series, cost, etc. But I am open to giving it a shot, especially for an inaugural race.

    • Holly says

      I think the course would have good sights too. Some of the other halves in the fall out here are out and backs and just kind of back woods plain courses. I have enjoyed the races in CLE that are downtown.

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