2012 Goals Recap

Here’s a look at my 2012 goals and how I did:

• Continue “barefoot” running in minimalist shoes, on average one to two runs per week. (Eh, not so much. I barely ran in my VibramFive Fingers this year, but I definitely hit the 1-2 run average for most of 2012.)

• Attend a yoga class or practice at home weekly to maintain flexibility and reduce risk of injury. While I didn’t practice at home as much as I had hoped I’m going to cross this one off as accomplished. I yoga’d more than I can count in 2012.

• Squelch my IT band pain permanently through strength-training and foam roller use. (Didn’t really increase my use of the foam roller and as a result still suffered from IT band in 2012, including at the Cleveland Half-Marathon and even during some shorter races like the North Coast Challenge 5-Miler.)

• Run a 5K in less than 28:00, by incorporating more speed work training. (I had great intentions but fell VERY short on this one.)

• Run a half-marathon in under 2:30, by incorporating a higher weekly mileage base. (Cleveland was my only half in 2012 and with the 90+ degree heat index that day I came no where near this.)

• Sign up for a summer CSA and continue trying more vegetables. (Yes! Accomplished!)

Overall I’m happy with where I’m at right now as I look back at health and fitness in 2012. Sure, there were some highs and lows, but overall I still placed value in my health and stayed conscious of decisions that can impact it. I am eager to take on new challenges in 2013.

Over the last two years have started expanding my goals to include both running and non-running activities and I think this is a great balance I’d like to continue. If you want to look back at where I’ve been you can also read my 2010 goals and my 2011 goals.


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