2012: By the Miles

In 2011, I wrote this really fun tribute to my running, month by month — by the miles. Halfway through this year I stopped counting my mileage. I know. Total runner faux paux. I became increasingly despondent over my inadequate race times and lack of passion for the sport. I hope 2013 will be a fresh start for my fitness, including my running. Until then, here is a look back at the miles I ran in 2012… those I remember. Enjoy!


January: 25 miles

At the start of the year I was beginning my training for the Cleveland Half-Marathon. I also announced I was an official blogger for the 2012 event. Around the same time I became increasingly distracted by the temptation to practice yoga instead of run. A new studio had opened near me and I was in love. Hot, sweaty vinyasa was my drug of choice.


February: 31.65 miles

In continued to enjoy everything Cleveland has to offer, and kept up on training, although frigid winter temperatures had me feeling discouraged with my training. I also said goodbye to the 1980s and sold my precious Jane Fonda workout tapes on eBay and signed up for the newest social media rage: Pinterest.


March: 38 miles

I continued to enjoy live in Cleveland (see a trend here?) and discovered pierogies! I also ran my first race of the year, which was also a favorite – the St. Malachi 5-Miler. On the blogging front, my blog was hacked for the first time.

April: 55.85 miles

During April I continued my training for the Cleveland Half-Marathon and stuck to my long runs. I also ran what looking back is now my favorite race of 2012 — the Cleveland 10-Miler. It was my first race that distance and an automatic PR. Again on the blogging front, things go serious and I bought a new camera.


May: 34.1 miles

My training came to a head and I ran the Cleveland Half-Marathon for the first time and recounted my journey as a blogger for the event. It was a memorable day for most everyone who ran it — miserable temperatures for May – in the 90s, which would set the tone for a sweltering summer of running.

June: Negligible

In early June I tried to set my focus on improving my 5K time. I had my best 5K around 32-minutes in June although way off from my PR. I came to terms with 2012 not being “my” year for running. But it was OK and I focused on other hobbies including cooking more with our Fresh Fork CSA which I recapped for 22-weeks.


July: Negligible

I declared July the worst month for blogging, with my own short hiatus. I ran a few more short distance races and continued my involvement with the Ohio Blogging Association by attending a memorable tour and social at Playhouse Square. I also showed the world how empty and pathetic our fridge was.


August: Negligible

I added a new feature to the blog — email subscriptions and ate Taco Bell for the first time in eons. My yoga practice was still ongoing and I wrote a primer on how to clean your yoga mat and not contract nasty staph infections. Oy vey!

September: Negligible

My running “boredom” came to a head and I told readers I had enough for the time being. So instead I began to practice yoga even more and started a yoga pose wish list to keep me challenged. I also experienced a baking failure when I tried to use swiss chard to make a rhubarb pie.


October: Negligible

I purchased a massive can on pumpkin and enjoyed a trip to Ohio Amish Country. On the fitness front I started working out at 5 a.m.


November: Negligible

But those 5 a.m. workouts quickly came to an end, in a good way, when we adopted a lhasa apso dog and named her Lulu. I ran my final and worst 5K of 2011, a pre-turkey trot and said ‘adios’ to running until January. Around the same time I realized rather by mistake that I lost the 6 pounds I had held onto for more nearly a year.

December: Negligible

I accomplished one of my yoga wish list poses for the first time — crow. I also wrote more about our experience with adopting a pet from the Cleveland APL and wrapped up the year with some traditional holiday baking.

2012 Total Mileage: 184.6 (January through May)

*You can read all of my 2012 race recaps here, along with those I have recapped since starting this blog in 2010.


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