Last Reminder: New Blog Domain & Feed

Back in December I told everyone I had rebranded my blog, moved the domain and changed the RSS feed. Today I want to offer one last encouragement to make sure you are following me at my current location and NOT via my old runner blog. I’ve had a redirect in place for the last few months to move traffic and hits from my old runner blog to my new domain. That redirect stops next week and includes my RSS feed.

If you were still subscribed to my runner blog RSS feed, it won’t work any more. Same goes for bookmarks or even links on other blogs. I realize everyone is busy so I decided to offer one more PSA in case this was on your “to do” list and has slipped through the cracks.

My current information and locations are below (which is the same as what I posted in December). If you already made the move previously, you are good to go:

Thank you again to everyone who has followed me then and now. It’s only been four months since my rebrand and I have no regrets. If you, too, are considering rebranding your blog, I encourage you to do so today. It’s much more peaceful blogging in a space where you feel at “home.”

Putting Pen Back to Paper

I used to write a lot of things down. Over the past few years I have transferred my notes to spreadsheets and other documents on my computer. At first this seemed like a great idea. But today as I’m trying to step away from the screen – especially on weekends – it’s been challenging.

What were my garden plans? What’s on my to do list for around the home? I’m not sure unless I get on the computer or my iPhone. I also recently organized my recipe box so I could again start pulling from recipe cards instead of my phone when cooking.

I’ve been enjoying removing myself from technology and going back to “how I used to do things.” It sounds simple but it’s easy to get consumed by technology and forget how I used to live (or for teens today, how they have never lived – scary!). As part of this change, I recently bought three new notebooks.

moleskine passions

Two are from the Moleskin Passion Series – custom notebooks devoted to specific topics or areas of life. Yes, I purchased custom notebooks. These notebooks are awesome though. I have a passion journal for home projects, a passion journal for garden plans and a regular journal for my beach glass findings/projects.

Moleskin notebooks come with a pocket in the back for loose papers, a cover strap, a hard cover and the passion series notebooks come with even more extras such as stickers and tabs.

I’m loving putting pen to paper again! And avoiding weekend screen time has been wonderful! That being said, I don’t have plans to go back to a paper calendar any time soon, something which I loved having for years. Yes, buying a new planner each year was an exciting event for me.

I recently purchased the CalenMob App for iPhone which syncs with my Google Calendar. Then this past weekend I discovered the GoTasks App, which syncs with my Google Tasks. Both apps have been working wonderfully to keep my calendar on-the-go. It’s been nice to have a mix of both new and old-school methods in place.

I’m Totally Not Prepared for this Race

I’m really in a pickle. For the first time in my running/racing “career” I’m worried about a DNF. For those of you not familiar with running terms, this means Did Not Finish, aka. the kiss of death.

I signed up for the Cleveland 10-Miler at the beginning of the year thinking having a race on my calendar would inspire me to get back into running again. It hasn’t. Even though I can’t complain about the weather any longer, I’m still struggling with my training.

I just don’t want to run. I want to walk my dog, practice yoga, ride my bike and garden. That’s it. I’m not one to squander cash though. So I have about two weeks here to make a miracle happen. I have scheduled runs into my calendar. That’s the only way I can guarantee they will happen. No additional social commitments will be accepted before race day. This is serious business over here.

I need to watch my diet too. I can’t be fueling with garbage. The next two weeks will be pivotal. I’m praying I avoid a DNF. I am also praying for nice weather and a positive spirit on race day. I need to stop by Second Sole before then and also get some espresso GU – my “go-to” racing fuel of choice.

Have you ever registered and realized at the last minute you were not prepared for a race?

Did you pull off a miracle? Please help encourage me!