An April Update on My Garden

This month brings a lot of green! I planted some bulbs in the fall but being it’s their first year I think they have been a little slow in blooming. No color yet. I have many more plants than what I have pictured here but I figured there was only so much green we could all take. Here are a few highlights:

lemon treeMeyer Lemon Tree – Arrived and potted the same day. It will be brought inside next winter. Right now it’s outside in its pot.

currant bushCurrant Bush – One of my mail-order plants, small but already has some green buds.

strawberry plantStrawberry Plant – I have three. They are poking out from under the grass clippings that covered them.

bleeding heartBleeding Heart – I can’t believe this is coming back! I thought I killed it last year!

lettuce boxLettuce Box – I planted some more lettuce a few weeks ago.

What else is going on? A lot. I put together 10 more miniature greenhouses with summer vegetables. I added organic fertilizer to my already established plants. I planted five dwarf fruit trees and two honeyberry bushes. I have rhubarb, asparagus and potatoes that need to be planted. I’ve also been slowly weeding and I need to mulch a bit more. My rose bushes should be arriving in the next week or so.

As for the lawn, I put down an application of early spring organic fertilizer and did a bit of raking to remove snow mold and leaves from last fall. I also picked up sticks and trimmed our large tree. We will probably let the grass get a bit high before the first mow. My biggest hurdle with the lawn is the area where Lulu does her business. It’s been impossible, so far, to keep grass completely alive over there.

How are things shaping up in your garden and yard?

Final Training Update: Cleveland 10-Miler

Since my last post I’ve hit all my scheduled workouts. I ran a 6-miler and an 8-miler, with a little bit of walking, but a lot of success. I’m going through with the Cleveland 10-Miler race with the mindset that I probably will be walking at least some of the miles. I hope I don’t end up in dead last, but I’ve been there before so it can’t really get any worse! As far as last-minute prep, outside of the workouts I already covered, here’s what’s going on:

Final Training Update: Cleveland 10-Miler

Espresso Love Gu

  • This week’s workouts: one more yoga class, one more 4-Mile run, a light bike ride and then a full rest day.
  • My new Asics black running shoes arrived last week after my 8-Miler. I’m already breaking them in.
  • I bought a couple of GU packets. Espresso Love is my favorite flavor for pre-race and mid-race fueling.
  • The forecast is looking good so far at 52-degrees and sunny.
  • I’ll make sure all my favorite race clothes are washed and accessories are at the ready Friday night.
  • I’ll also be carbo-loading Friday and hydrating like mad Friday into Saturday morning.
  • I am foam rolling it out out several times this week.

I’m feeling good about this. Really the biggest hurdle at this point are going to be my grumpy IT-band which tends to rear its ugly head on long runs… and my mindset. It really takes some positive thinking with being OK with coming in dead last. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but you never know. As long as I’m moving forward on the race course I’ll call that progress!

Last Reminder: New Blog Domain & Feed

Back in December I told everyone I had rebranded my blog, moved the domain and changed the RSS feed. Today I want to offer one last encouragement to make sure you are following me at my current location and NOT via my old runner blog. I’ve had a redirect in place for the last few months to move traffic and hits from my old runner blog to my new domain. That redirect stops next week and includes my RSS feed.

If you were still subscribed to my runner blog RSS feed, it won’t work any more. Same goes for bookmarks or even links on other blogs. I realize everyone is busy so I decided to offer one more PSA in case this was on your “to do” list and has slipped through the cracks.

My current information and locations are below (which is the same as what I posted in December). If you already made the move previously, you are good to go:

Thank you again to everyone who has followed me then and now. It’s only been four months since my rebrand and I have no regrets. If you, too, are considering rebranding your blog, I encourage you to do so today. It’s much more peaceful blogging in a space where you feel at “home.”