Door to Door Organics Produce Delivery Service

I was recently approached about trying out a new organic produce service in Cleveland. Door to Door Organics began service locally in May and is continuing to grow their operations in Northeast Ohio. I opted to sign up for what they call the “Bitty Mixed Box” on a bi-weekly basis. This is their smallest share box containing both fruit and vegetables. Because there are only two adults in my household, one of my biggest concerns was being able to eat all of the produce before it went bad.


A few summers ago I tried out a local CSA, and while I loved the offerings, I found it a challenge to pick up, clean and prep so much food each week. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out I could order bi-weekly from Door to Door Organics. This helped me actually eat the food when it was in it’s prime!

Another feature of the Door to Door Organics service I really found valuable was the ability to swap out foods. There are a handful of fruits and vegetables I do not enjoy and my husband has an allergy to a very common vegetable. When I tried out a CSA service I found it challenging to omit these items. Sometimes I was able to but often I was left with produce we would not or could not eat.


Swapping out items with Door to Door Organics is really easy. Each Friday customers receive an email with a preview of their order, which (for my area) arrives on their doorstep the following Tuesday. Between Friday and Monday I was able to swap out or exchange any items on the list. The swaps are not unlimited. I couldn’t swap one apple for 10 bananas, but I found the options quite flexible and was able to swap several times during the summer.

While I never called customer service at Door to Door Organics, one week I had a melon that went bad rather quickly. I think it was bruised a bit and the heat tortured the poor thing! The company does allow you to put out your own cooler instead (which might help with spoilage) but I did not own a cooler large enough for this at the time of my service. I would prefer if delivery was pinpointed to a more specific time each week or if customers could opt for what time of day the box is delivered.


On a side note, the produce is obviously all organic. I personally normally do not buy organic produce due to the cost so the cost may be a factor for new customers wanting to try out this service. The “Bitty Mixed Box” costs $26. Spreading it out to bi-weekly service meant it cost me about $13 per week.

Overall though I was happy with Door to Door Organics service. I really liked the swapping feature and convenience of not having to go to the store for fresh produce. In addition, the company allows customers to order and have non-produce items delivered fresh such as local daily products, meats and more.

You can find Door to Door Organics on Pinterest, TwitterInstagram and Facebook. Also, if you sign up today as a new customer, you can also save $10 off of your first Door to Door Organics order by using this link. Be sure to enter Coupon Code: Holly15O

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Disclosure: I was provided with a credit to use to try out Door to Door Organics for several weeks this summer as part of this review.

Yes! Yes! Yes! for the Cleveland Gladiators

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Start practicing now if you are planning to attend a Cleveland Gladiators game in the near future. This crowd chant, along with the super fun “dance” whenever the team scores a touchdown are my favorites parts of watching this arena football team play. Here’s a video in case you want to see exactly what I’m talking about!


Oh and the fan spirit, which can’t be beat. When it’s hot out in July and August, there is not better place to enjoy some weekend fun than at a low-cost and family-friendly Cleveland Gladiators indoor football game.

I recently attended the match up between the Gladiators and the Orlando Predators. Unfortunately we did not win this game but the experience was fun none-the-less and we got to enjoy a post-game concert feature .38-special! Tickets for Cleveland Gladiators games start as low as $7 each but if you really want to have some fun, spend a little more to get closer to the action. Here fans may find themselves participants in the actual game when players run into the barriers along the sidelines.


Our view at the game against the Predators was from up top. We were able to see all the action on the entire field, no problem and if you miss a play it’s always on the“Humongotron,” the largest high-definition scoreboard in the country. Games are on Fridays and Saturdays and often include specials and perks.


When we went it was dollar beer and hotdog night as well! Team colors are red, white and red – wear them with pride. You can easily park on the street or in a lot downtown for most games. We parked in the East Garage attached to Quicken Loans Arena. This garage accepts Flash Seats parking. You simply download the Flash Seats app on your phone, log in and pull up your pre-paid parking pass. It will be scanned at the entryway to the garage. Super simple!

Ready to join in the fun yourself for the first time? Or attend another game?

Disclosure: I was provided two game tickets and one garage parking pass as part of this review.

Striking the Balance

I could not bear to look at this blog and see a post from March at the top any longer! I’m still here, very much aware of my lack of posts and I’m trying to figure out what the root cause really is.

I would like to use the “too busy” excuse, and I could come up quite easily with a list of reasons why my plate is really full right now and that list would be incredibly convincing. I have no doubt about it. But that excuse always lends itself to the subsequent question. “Are you really too busy? Or is your blog just not a priority?”

I know. I know. If something is important it will be made a priority. I still enjoy health, fitness, green-living, healthy balance and (of course!) my dog Lulu. Nothing has changed topic-wise here. So I know I’m not burnt out on what I’m writing about. I am, however, a little burnt out on technology, social media and the like. The demand for more and to have it now. It’s just too much sometimes.

More and more I find myself thinking about life before the Internet and cell phones. I think about how it used to be, how I used to do things. I’m pretty sure I blogged about this same topic before, or else planned to blog about it… Oh yes! Here it is… April 2014. Not much has changed has it?

I enjoy having a blog, have helped others professionally in developing and maintaining their own blogs. I am behind a computer for work every day. Frankly, at the end of the day I really just want to unplug. That being said, I have a few fun blog posts planned that will be popping up on your radar soon. Read: Free Stuff. Stay tuned!