Top 5 Ways to Relieve Stress

Stress is a constant in my life, but as I get older I realize I can’t avoid certain situations and there will always be “drama” in my life. But how I react is within my control. I’m not sure about you, but most of the time when I’m stressed, it’s easy to panic. However, I’ve developed a few coping mechanisms. As you know green and natural living are very important to me so my tips below are all natural-oriented. Here are my top five ways to relieve stress:

1) Take a Break. When my mind is racing I find a short break often helps me focus. When the weather is nice this means I take Lulu out for a walk. We might only go around the block, but it’s usually enough time and sunshine to clear my mind and help me focus again. If taking a walk isn’t option I’ll stop and do some stretches. Spinal twists, hip openers and forward folds are my favorites.


2) Take a Bath. I used to think baths were for children. I hadn’t taken one in years myself. I changed that this winter. When the temps outside were cold I decided to try something different. I drew a warm bath. It was wonderfully relaxing! Taking a warm bath at the end of a long day is an easy way to relieve stress. I like to add epsom salt to the water along with a few drops of lavender oil, which is a calming scent.

3) Incorporate Daily Exercise. Depending on my mood, I might take a hot powerful flow yoga class to really get my sweat on and challenge my body. Other times, if I’m really exhausted from a long day I’ll take a slow flow or yoga nidra class. These classes are more gentle on my mind and body, yet provide healthy movement. Of course there are many other ways to exercise outside of yoga. Find “your” exercise and make a longer 30 to 60-minute workout part of your daily routine to aid with stress relief!


4) Drink Chamomile Tea. Another one of my favorite bedtime routines is drinking chamomile tea. Made from chamomile flowers, which naturally promote relaxation, this tea is mild and calming. It’s a great bedtime routine to start and I especially enjoy the tea in the winter.


5) Aid Sleep Naturally. Sometimes your body is tired but your mind won’t shut down. Isn’t that the worst? I recently tried RESCUE Sleep Liquid Melts. The melts look like tiny pills. You just take one before bed and it melts on your tongue in seconds. The melts are 100% natural, homeopathic and non-habit forming. RESCUE products have been helping people stress less, stay in control and stay calm since 1930.

What do you do to manage stress?

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Ready to Get Back to Blogging

Time and time again, when I take a blogging break I come back wanting more. I’ve been blogging for almost five years now and from time to time burnout sets in. I am asked often in business circles for tips on blogging. I tell people consistency is key. I’m not always the best example of this (my recent hiatus) but if you have to leave your blog, leave it for a few weeks or a month. Whatever you do, just don’t leave it untouched for a year!

I have five drafted posts ready and I should be hitting the ground running again soon. While I still love blogging, it often takes the back burner when business ramps up. Blogging provides a great outlet for writing… when I’m not writing for others. My work is very ebb and flow. It’s the reality of self-employment (at least for me right now). I’m learning to embrace the busy times along with the slow. In the meantime, I appreciate you coming back here every now and then to see what’s new.

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Top Five Posts of 2014

I realize I haven’t been blogging much lately, but I did want to do my annual roundup of top posts throughout the year. It’s always fun for me to look at my blog statistics and also to rediscover posts I previously wrote and sometimes forgot about.

Oddly, these most popular posts were all written right at the beginning of 2014. I was focusing a lot of SEO at the time and also on providing helpful DIY content. I think readers continue to view these posts today, as a result. I provided a short update on each “project” next to each link. Enjoy!

Top Five Posts of 2014

Sourdough Starter Container

  • DIY Sourdough Starter Day by Day: My starter is still alive and I use it to bake sourdough bread on a weekly basis! It’s become a Sunday tradition for me. I haven’t bought a loaf of store-bought bread in almost a year now.

How to Make Homemade Mineral Veil Face Powder

Dog Ate Bread Dough

  • The Time My Dog Ate Bread Dough: Fortunately, Lulu hasn’t gotten into the dough again since this incident. Lesson learned and I hope others learn from my mistake as well!

Using Jojoba Oil as a Face Moisturizer

How to Make Homemade Shampoo

  • How to Make Homemade Shampoo and Conditioner: This post has been pinned 227 times to date, which might be a record although I’m not positive. I have been shampoo-free for 14+ months. I love how much money I’ve saved by making my own “shampoo” and “conditioner” and I’m still able to style my hair just like normal.