Review: KISS InstaWave Hair Curler

I don’t write about hair or beauty much because I try to be really simple with how I style myself. I’ve written before that I use homemade shampoo and conditioner – which I’ve now been using for a full year! However, when it comes time to dress myself up I am often at a loss. Lately I’ve been feeling like I really need a fashion consultant, makeup consultant and hair consultant – all in one.

Kiss InstaWave

Anyways, several months ago I also joined a website called BrandBacker which allows bloggers to receive sample products in exchange for a review. To be honest, many of the opportunities have not been a good fit for me, so I passed on them. Then an opportunity came up to try the brand new KISS InstaWave Hair Curler. It looked and sounded so easy I had to try it. Maybe it would be a solution to my hairstyling woes?

Kiss InstaWave

A few caveats here, I received the product very quickly and my review was due very quickly so I have only tried out the hair curler once so far but I intend to use it much more. I think with experience, the curler will become easier for me to use. Traditional curlers require you to clamp your hair on the curling rod and then rotate the rod to create the curl.

Kiss InstaWave

The KISS InstaWave has a forward and reverse button on the rod. This button rotates the device, thus pulling and curling your hair for you. I was nervous the device would pull too hard but it did not! My hair is not as long as that of the model on the package of the product so I had a little trouble grasping my hair, especially in the back. I am growing my hair out and think the curling will become easier as I do that.

Here are a few tips on how the device works from KISS InstaWave:

  • Automatically creates tangle-free curls. No need to be a pro!
  • Easy-to-use from any angle with any hand. Features a curl dial with left and right directions.
  • Device automatically shuts off after 90 minutes and features low/high switches, maximum temp of 420-degrees.
  • Hold each curl for 5-10 seconds, longer for tighter curls, and less time for “beachy waves.”
  • Switch curl direction from left to right to create a natural look.
  • Pull the device straight down to release hair.

The KISS InstaWave is available for purchase now from Target, Ulta and Amazon. Retail price is $59.99.

Disclosure: BrandBacker sent me a KISS InstaWave Hair Curler in exchange for offering this product review. All opinions and thoughts here are my own.

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Over the past few years I’ve transitioned to making more homemade Christmas gifts. A good blogger would have documented all of these gifts with photos. However, I didn’t, so we’ll leave that up to you to consider. Haha!


I have gifted: local wine with a homemade “wine” tag, DIY soup kits, DIY ranch dressing/dip kits, tins of fruit cake and this year a homemade craft. Homemade gifts are personal, budget-friendly and with the right recipient in mind – very much appreciated.

Today I’m offering a few more ideas from my blog archives. If you are in a pinch for ideas or want to avoid the mall, try a DIY project! Keep in mind that creative packaging and presentation are also an important part of any homemade gift. I often add homemade tags to my finished gifts too.

Jojoba Face Moisturizer

Homemade Face Scrub

Homemade Night Cream

Homemade Doggy Sweater

DIY Adirondack Chairs

Homemade “LARABAR” Bars

Homemade Canned Goods Such as Jam

Find #FinancialPeace on Black Friday

Tired of shopping yet? I’m not a big Black Friday shopper but over the past few years I have learned to enjoy Cyber Monday and online shopping. So while I am currently enjoying some R&R at home, I did want to share a special online deal with you.

black friday sale

I set up a Capital One 360 Savings Account just over a year ago as a way for me to clearly identify business goals and save for them. While I opted to open a business savings account because that was what I was in need of at the time, Capital One 360 also offers personal savings accounts and other products including online checking, home loans and more. But why didn’t I open a savings account at my brick and mortar bank? A few reasons:

  • Capital One 36o Savings Accounts earn interest.
  • There are no fees associated with Capital One 360 Savings Accounts.
  • You can open multiple Capital One 360 Savings Accounts and customize the name of each one.
  • Online banking is easy and hassle-free.
When I opened my account I didn’t take part in a special but you can. Now through the end of day on Monday, December 1, I invite you to consider opening a Capital One 360 Savings or Checking Account and earn $100! Here are the full details:

Setting up a savings account for your personal or business life is one way to set yourself up for financial success in 2015. By knowing what you are saving for, labeling your goals and tracking your money you can feel more confident and in control of your finances! Right now I have set business savings goals for taxes, retirement and to build a stronger business savings cushion. Knowing I am actively working toward smart goals allows me to experience financial peace.

The Capital One 360 Black Friday Sale runs through 11:59 p.m. EST on Monday, December 1. I hope you find #FinancialPeace during this holiday season too!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.